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Wear due to hard particles or hard protuberances forced against and moving along a solid surface.

AC (Alternating Current)

Unit of measurement Hz (cycles per second).


A test method designed to force products to fail more quickly than they would under normal use conditions. Accelerated life testing involves acceleration of failures with the single purpose of quantification of the life characteristics of a product at normal use conditions.


Chemical which speeds the vulcanization of an elastomer so that it takes place in a shorter time or at a lower temperature. Picking up where an activator leaves off an accelerator is often used in conjunction with a catalyst hardener or curing agent.


A vessel in which a gas is enclosed and compressed by the liquid in a hydraulic system thus storing energy to supply liquid under pressure to the system when needed. Types available are bladder piston and diaphragm.


Screw thread profile used in translational applications such as those involving large loads transmission. It was developed as a compromise to offer better strength than a 60 degree V-form thread while overcoming the problems with manufacturability of the square thread form. It uses a 29 degree thread angle with flat apex and valley.


A device attached to a valve to provide the operation. Motion energy can be pneumatic hydraulic electric or manual or a combination.


An extension which is added to a short end-to-end valve to conform to either standard or customized end-to-end dimensions. Also termed Spool Piece.


A term used to describe the interface between the valve and the valve actuator when the actuator device cannot be directly bolted to the valve top-work flange. Can be a simple plate or a fabricated pedestal.


A substance added in small amounts to an elastomeric compound to improve strengthen or alter its properties. For example a reinforcing agent to improve strength or a plasticizer to aid flexibility and processability.

AED (Anti Explosive Decompression)

See Explosive Decompression.

AGA (American Gas Association)

A trade association which represents local energy utility companies that deliver natural gas throughout the United States.


Change in rubber characteristics over time brought about by environmental factors such as heat and light. Accelerated aging of plastic materials is covered by ISO 188 and by ASTM D573.


A container (vessel) in which gas is stored under pressure as a source of pneumatic fluid power.

AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute)

An association of steel producers which sets standards for the chemical and physical properties of steel and iron in various shapes and forms - pipe tubing sheet strip and wire. www.steel.org

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