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Severe service Control valves applications - Tony Brooke, Severn Glocon Ltd (in English)

Severe service Control valves applications - Tony Brooke, Severn Glocon Ltd (in English)

Technical Lecture - Control Valves Operational Concerns


"Severe Service" is a collective term used in the industry to attempt to categories control valves that need special and careful consideration. Often the parameters for inclusion in this special category are somewhat generalized around flowrate, pressure drop and valve size, some operators specifications have a calculation methodology for categorization based on these parameters. Some companies will specify certain applications that are always included as Severe Service.

Through years of analyzing valve failures from all the premier OEM’s in many industry sectors, a number of particular applications, some which would not make the general “Severe Service” categorization, have shown themselves as worthy of specialist attention in the selection and design of a reliable valve solution.

The presentation will focus on three of these applications from upstream Oil and Gas, looking at the sometimes spectacular failure modes, the reasons for these failures and the elements required for a successful solution.

 Key Words/Phrases:

› Control valves
› Physics/fluid behavior within control valves
› Control Valve failure
› Selection and sizing
› Applications, challenges, approaches and solutions


With 40 years in the control and choke valve industry and with detailed oil and gas application knowledge Tony Brooke specializes in the area of design and specification of Severe Service and specific application valve solutions.
As Severn Glocon Group Technical Director, he is the senior technical authority responsible for ensuring group products and services are developing in line with market changes and current technologies, as well as ensuring these products and services are applied successfully throughout the most challenging of applications. Providing leadership of the group’s technical resource and engaging with the company’s client base in all technical aspects of the business, Tony is based in the Middle East allowing the best access to the company’s global client base.


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Sted Hotel Scandic Hammerfest
Kategorier Dag 2 (13.06.2019)
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