Hydrostatisk borehole

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NIVOPRESS N - (Hydrostatic borehole) : TRANSMITTERS

  • Output versions: 2- or 3-wire integrated transmitter with 4-20 mA and HART communication or 0-10 V
  • Adjustment, programming: Remote HART programming
  • Mounting: Probe hanging on a cable, immersed in the liquid. The instrument should be ordered with the desired cable length.
  • Housing material: Stainless steel, Ex approval
  • Material of wetted parts: Stainless steel, Polyurethane cable
  • Operating principle: Measuring of hydrostatic pressure, pressure and level transmission
  • Protections: Overvoltage and reverse polarity EMC certificate: EN 61326-1:2007
  • Suggested applications: Bore holes, tanks, open reservoirs
  • Measurable mediums: Clear or contaminated water (above the sludge level). Weak acids, alkalines
  • Advantages: Easy installation
  • Special applications: Level measurement in drilled wells with small diameter
  • Application restrictions: In case of strong flow or drift the use of a stilling well is recommended


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