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THERMOCONT T - Temperature sensor

Short description: Resistance thermometer (RTD) with single or dual type Pt100 temperature sensor with stainless steel rod probe with or without plastic coating, max probe length: 3 m. PFA coated probe versions with teflon inserted steel flange are applicable for chemical and petrochemical applications where aggressive mediums could damage steel probes. The vibration-resistant versions are suitable for special applications where the measurement is exposed to high vibrations.

Material of wetted parts: 1.4571 stainless steel or 1.4571 + PFA coating

Housing material: Paint coated aluminium, Ex approval

Measurable mediums: Temperature metering in tanks, tubes, furnaces or boilers, Can be mounted to special technological places, For temperature metering of liquids, vapours, gases, Temperature metering in bearings

Special applications, advantages: coated version for chemical and petrochemical applications where aggressive mediums could damage stainless steel probes.


  • Fast response sensor version
  • The temperature temperature sensor can be replaced without removing the process.
  • Bearing temperature sensor and Resistance thermometer


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