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Explosion Protection

ZOOK RUPTURE DISKS combines over 90 years of experience in the manufacturing of rupture disks, explosion vents and other pressure relief products with locations across the globe.

ZOOK is recognized as a leader in providing metal and graphite rupture disk solutions in the chemical processing, petroleum refining, OEM, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, transportation and powder/bulk industries worldwide. ZOOK continues to innovate new products that are capable of providing worldwide overpressure protection solutions.

Explosion venting is the most common method of protecting personnel and equipment from the potential over-pressures generated by a dust or vapor ignition.

An explosion vent provides:

  • A predetermined opening for flame and gasses to escape from the enclosure
  • Limits the internal pressure of the enclosure
  • Minimizes damage to the enclosure

ZOOK’s highly skilled engineers, equipped with state-of-the- art lasers, produce high-quality and utterly reliable Explosion Protection Discs and Vent Panels.

Bursting Discs

ZOOK Custom Welded Assemblies ZOOK Custom Welded Assemblies
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ZOOK Explosion Protection Vent Panels ZOOK Explosion Protection Vent Panels
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ZOOK One Source Selection Guide ZOOK One Source Selection Guide
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