Interior and exterior steel structures


This project involved cleaning and preparing steel surfaces as well as applying a fire protection coating inside the newly built Porsche Center in Oslo.

The steel columns and beams were designed to be a visible part of the office areas and the showroom of this luxury car dealership.

The contractor was supposed to apply fire protection coating to the steel surfaces, so that fire protection rating R90 could be achieved.


The first step was to clean and prepare the steel surfaces with Power Coat's cleaning and degreasing agent. In order to achieve the required protection rating, optimal results and high quality, ThermoCoat V was applied in step two. Next, all visible steel columns and beams were taped and mudded to give them a smooth surface. In order to protect the hydroscopic fire protection paint and to achieve the desired color, Power Coat "3 in 1" was used as a top coat. The result was a professional finish in accordance with Porsche's design standards.


√ Power Coat Cleaning and degreasing agent

√ ThermoCoat V compliant with R90

√ ThermoCoat V til brannklasse R90

√ Taping and mudding of all visible steel

√ Power Coat “3in1” RAL 9007


Contractor: Malermester Harald Askautrud AS, Oslo

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