J.S.Cock has been supplying instrumentation and other related equipment to the offshore industry since oil was first discovered at Ekofisk in the North Sea 46 years ago.

Whatever challenges you might be facing with your explosion-proof application, we will help you find the optimal solution ensuring a reliable and cost effective result.


We offer a broad range of explosion-proof equipment for both the on- and offshore industry at very competitive prices. Since some of our products are manufactured locally in our production facilities in Oslo, we can guarantee the highest quality standards. Our other products are sourced from well-known suppliers such as:

Marechal Electric

Warom Technology



About Warom Technology


Per Enok Hanssen

InLine Prosess AS innfusjonert i J.S. Cock AS

Dec 17, 2019
InLine Prosess AS og J.S.Cock AS har siden 2015 hatt et svært godt…
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