LineLazer V


LineLazer is available in three different series: The Standard models are recommended for smaller to medium-sized projects which require the application of only one color. HP Automatic models have all the features of the standard series, plus automatic pistols and Auto-Layout system which stripes skip-lines. The HP Reflective series is ideal for large, more complicated projects, which require the application of two colors and glass beads. Track, measure and control every aspect of your job with the help of the all-new LiveLook™-display. The machines also log all your work data, which makes it easy to track performance and download it to a USB stick.

The LineLazer V 3900 is the airless line striping choice for professional striping contractors who want the industry’s best striping unit. When it’s time for 2-gun performance, no one does it better than Graco. Designed to deliver the most precise and consistent lines in the industry, it is the perfect choice for new lot layouts, small city jobs and even big malls. With the option to add a LineDriver, the performance of the LineLazer V 3900 is unmatched.

The LineLazer V 5900 continues to be the mid to heavy-duty striping solution for professional contractors who recognize the increased productivity this leader delivers. With it’s ability to use 1 or 2 airless paint guns there are no jobs too big or small for the LineLazer V 5900 – large parking lots, city streets and everything in between. Known for years by professional contractors for its productivity, the innovations of this new generation positions the 5900 to again exceed all expectations.

Spray two colors simultaneously with Graco’s new LineLazer V 250 DC. Ideally suited for airports, municipalities, DOTs or anyone who needs to spray highlight lines or other dual-color stripes. The LineLazer V 250 dc redefines line-striping productivity and flexibility by spraying two colors simultaneously or independently.


LineLazer 3400 - 1 pistol

Max. pressure 227 bar
Max. tip size 0,027"            
Max. flow 2,8 ltr/min
Weight 68 kg


LineLazer V 3900 - 2 pistols

Max. pressure 227 bar
Max. tip size (1 / 2 pistols) 0,036"/0,025"
Max. flow 4,7 ltr/min
Weight 104 kg


LineLazer V 5900 - Large projects

Max. pressure 227 bar
Max. tip size (1 / 2 pistols) 0,043"/0,029"
Max. flow 6,0 ltr/min
Weight 113 kg


LineLazer V 200 HS - Large projects - hydraulic

Max. pressure 227 bar
Max. tip size (1 / 2 pistols) 0,047"/0,033"
Max. flow 8,14 ltr/min
Weight 139 kg


LineLazer V 250 DC - Dual Color - glass beads

Max. pressure 227 bar
Max. tip size (1 / 2 / 3 pistols) 0,055"/0,039"/0,031"
Max. flow 9,5 ltr/min
Weight 341 kg


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