TapeTech® and Graco introduce the BAZOOKA Continuous Flow for high volume production drywall finishers. Over three years in development and extensively job-site tested, the BAZOOKA Continuous Flow is the innovative solution for the drywall finishing industry.

Unmatched Corner Finishing
Finish angles with remarkable speed and quality. Corner Finishers apply continuous coats with a smooth tapered finish.

Re-Engineered Finishing Box System
Apply finish coats continuously while you control the output. Continuous Flow reduces strain required to maximize finish.


Hand finishing 3,5 hours
Conventional taping tools 2 hours
BAZOOKA Continuous Flow 1,25 hours

Endurance™ Pump
Endurance Pump features a horizontal design for easier pump loading, long life V-Max Blue™ packings and Chromex™ pump coating to create the most rugged and reliable pump on the market.

Advantage Drive™ System
The critical link between the motor and pump, the Advantage Drive System of hardened steel gears is the longest lasting drive in the industry, and Graco stands behind it with a lifetime warranty.

25 gallon hopper
Includes air tight lid to preserve joint compound for next day use.

Reduced weight to 7 lbs to reduce fatigue.

Flow Control
The industry’s first radio frequency (RF) controlled pump controls the flow without wires right at the tool.