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Fra Knick

Stratos. Comprehensive product family in 2- and 4-wire versions, with BUS communication and explosion protection. With its exceptional range of functions and application-oriented design, the Stratos series is well-established in the entire chemicals industry, in process and power plant engineering and in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Universal application options in indoor and outdoor areas, in all conceivable network architectures, and the virtually unlimited combination options with almost all commercial sensors for fluid analysis have made Stratos the standard product in national and international production systems.

MemoRail A1401. Compact. Cost-efficient. Digital. Plug and Measure with the new analyzers for Memosens. Space-saving and low-cost DIN rail analyzer for use with Memosens sensors. All process parameters. Easy configuration. Measured value output via 2 standard current outputs. Also with Zone 2 explosion protection. Ideal in combination with the MemoSuite sensor management tool. MemoRail is the first genuinely compact, digital analyzer for measuring pH values, ORP, conductivity, oxygen and temperature with Memosens sensors. Two analog active / passive 4 to 20 mA outputs supply the measurement values for process value and temperature to the process control system or a PLC.

Protos. Universal measuring system with 3 user-selectable slots for measuring, extension, and communication modules. Also for use in hazardous areas. The modular hardware and software concept of the Protos process analysis system allows the free combination of measuring, extension, and communication modules for flexible adaptation to any application.


Fra Partech

Partech sin Transmitter / Monitor modell 7300W2 dekker nær sagt alle behov for denne type produkt. Til denne kan alle sensorene til Partech tilkoples, som måler pH, ORP, ledningsevne, oksygen, temperatur, Turbiditet, suspendert stoff, UV transmisjon og slam nivå. Den kommer standard med enten 4-20 mA + relé kontakter utganger eller Modbus RTU RS-485. Som opsjon kan den også leveres med Profibus-DP interface. Opptil 8 sensorer kan kobles til 7300W2 ved hjelp av koblingsbokser. Enkel og logisk betjening og med norsk tekst. Stort bakopplyst display gir enkel avlesning.

Per Enok Hanssen

Sales Manager Instrumentation
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Dept: Larvik

Knut Erik Boland

Produktsjef Instrument
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Dept: Larvik


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