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From Knick

Knick has large selection of designs. Glass sensors and glass-free ISFET sensors. Intelligent preventive diagnostics with Memosens. Explosion protection. Different sensor lengths and a wide range of connection possibilities. Suitable for a large selection of Knick fittings, such as SensoGate and Ceramat as well as inline, flow-through and immersion fittings.

From ThermoFisher

For all your pH measurement needs. The accuracy of your pH measurements depends on the instrumentation you use. ThermoFisher extensive assortment of quality pH electrode, sensors, and probes are designed to make your complex measurements routine, reliable, and accurate—in the lab or in the field. They are available in a variety of body materials, body styles, and sample requirements.

From Hydrocal

XS Sensor Electrodes. Very famous Swiss producer has developed a complete line laboratory pH, Redox and conductivity electrodes, with glass and plastic body. The new XS sensor are available with S7 head or cable fix with BNC or DIN connector plug. For food application many models are equipped with temperature sensor inside for fast temperature compensation.

Some models are designed to help in daily work in GLP condition with indelible internal serial number and certificate are provided with quality test.

Special polymer electrolyte combined with high performance reference system generate a complete range of electrodes for food application in special part of this catalogue.

Blue inner buffer provides clear visual of contact with internal pH glass membrane.

All XS sensors line are connectable at all common pHmeters brand in the market. Our customer support are available for every special application request or support for right type electrode indication.

XS sensor for pH is not only pH electrode is perfect combination for pH measurement with XS pH meters and XS buffer solutions.

From Partech

Partech leverer solide pH elektroder for krevende forhold på renseanlegg, vannverk og fiskeoppdrett. Leveres med beskyttende kappe i front, og er helt vanntett for neddykk. Kommer også i gjennomstrømning / by-pass versjon med helt komplett armatur. De kommuniserer digitalt med Modbus RTU RS-485 interface, og kan da kobles direkte til PLS eller via monitor 7300W2.

Knut Erik Boland

Produktsjef Instrument
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Per Enok Hanssen

Sales Manager Instrumentation
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